Welcome to the home page of the MSc program ‘Biomedical Engineering & Technology’, organized by the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the University of West Attica, Greece. 

Short presentation of the program:

The MSc program “Biomedical Engineering and Technology” is organized by the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the University of West Attica, Athens, Greece. It appeals to those holding a Bachelor’s (B.Sc.) University degree related to engineering, technology, life, and health sciences or other relevant to biomedical engineering sciences, who wish for a career change in Biomedical Engineering. The program duration is three (3) academic semesters. During the first and second semesters, educational activities involve a/ classical lectures in the auditorium, b/ hands-on laboratories in specialized labs equipped with biomedical instruments, c/ field visits in companies, research facilities, and healthcare sites, d/ special seminars organized with the collaboration of the industry, and the labor market, and e/ personal and group assignments. The third semester involves the elaboration of the Diploma thesis, which comprises a full-scale research project.

International Accreditation:

The MSc program MSc program “Biomedical Engineering and Technology” has been accredited, without conditions, till 2029 by the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN). The accreditation certificate may be found here.

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A research study by the Department of Biomedical Engineering investigating job outlook and careers prospects of biomedical engineers in Greece has been published at the Biomedical Engineering Education Journal, 2022. Title of the study and research article source: The Biomedical Engineering Labor Market in Greece.

The MSc program has been presented at the 7th International conference on Advanced Research in Education, Teaching and Learning, 17 – 19 March 2023  Berlin, Germany. Tile of the study: Bringing education closer to the labor market: The biomedical engineering example.

The MSc Program organized 10-11 June 2023, in Athens, an international conference in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Technology.

Conference title: “Advances in Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Technology (ABSET)”

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Call for applications for the academic year 2023 – 2024 is closed


We are happy to announce our special cooperation agreement with the University of Plymouth, UK! 

Active students of the MSc program in Biomedical Engineering and Technology may exclusively benefit from this agreement and study for one semester, with privileged terms, at the MSc in Medical Engineering of the University of Plymouth, UK. More info here

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Alberto Erspamer (2022-2023): I found the MSc program “Biomedical Engineering and Technology” of the UniWA university very interesting. It is mainly focused on biomedical aspects while also covering a wide range of general Engineering as well. For me, a student with Electrical and computer engineering background, the program gave me the chance to explore scientific domains such as biology, bio-materials, diagnostic systems etc. I appreciate that it is research oriented while keeping significant touch with industry applications, while the exploration of social aspects of the biotechnology was equally important. Finally the visits to research centers, startups and hospitals where very interesting and fulfilling.

Katerina Bardaki (2022-2023):
I am glad I chose and was chosen to attend this biomedical engineering MSc course at the University of West Attica. My goal was to upgrade and connect my engineering background to the biomedical field and thanks to all the willing and knowledgeable professors I was able to achieve this and at the same time learn about many aspects of both the scientific side and the labor market. I feel inspired and well-equipped to follow my path!

Thanasis Michalakoglou (2022-2023): I feel really glad and lucky for choosing to attend this particular MSc program. It covers a wide range of biomedical aspects. As a computer science graduate I had the opportunity to be exposed in general engineering topics as well as topics which are associated with biological aspects, diagnostic systems etc. Except from the course structure, the teaching staff is characterized by scientific adequacy. The most important thing for me however is that all the members of the teaching staff are extremely accessible by students and eager to solve any possible problem that may occurs. I would also like to mention that this program intends to present the biomedical engineering labor market to the students and connects them with it via advertisements which are often published. Last but not least, several professors from different countries are participating in the learning procedure. Generally, and honestly my participation to this specific master was a choice that I would never regret.

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Duration: 1.5 year (3 academic semesters)
Course attendance: full time, physical presence mandatory
ECTS: 90 
Language: English
Tuition fees: 1200 euros

1-page program Brochure

call for applications 2023 -2024

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Legal documents

Announcement of the program at the Official Gazette of the Greek Government (ΦΕΚ) – In Greek

Announcement of the program structure and regulation at the Official Gazette of the Greek Government (ΦΕΚ) – In Greek


Studies regulation

Program structure and regulations – In English

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